The 1930s: Origins of the Australian YCW

1928: The future Archbishop Justin Simonds learns of the JOC while studying at Louvain.

1931: Priests from Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Holland, England, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Lithuania and Canada gathered in Brussels to educate themselves on the essentials of the JOC. They set up an international bureau in Brussels. Fr Robert Kothen.1931: 28 January 1931 Campion Society formed by 12 men. Kevin Kelly joined Campions 1931. Born 1910. Joined public service in 1928. (Neglected Children’s Section of Chief Secretary’s Department.)

1932: Fr Haskett asked K.T. Kelly to write an article on Socialisation Objective of the ALP for the French Jesuit Review. (Dossiers de L’action Sociale). Catholic Library formed 1924. Payment was in French books, including one with an article on the JOC. It led to a contact with the Belgian JOC.

1934: Fr Haskett asked Campions to study European Catholic action.

1934: Kelly in correspondence Fr Robert Kothen at the JOC international office in Brussels.

1937: 15 September 1937 – A.N.S.C.A. set up by Australian Bishops. Dr Mannix’s view – C.A. means to construct a social and economic order based on the social teaching of the Catholic Church.

1939: 31 July: Publication of “JOC – Young Christian Workers” edited by Kevin T. Kelly and published by ACTS publications.

1939: Publication of “Restoring All Things, A Guide to Catholic Action” by Paul McGuire and John Fitzsimons

1939: Kevin Kelly appointed official YCW representative in Australia.