This site is a small initial compilation of source documents and materials plus a few articles relating to the history and development of the Cardijn movements, particularly the YCW, in Australia.

It was begun in preparation for the History and Memories of the Cardijn Movements in Australia Study Day in 2013.

Although it has recently been updated, there is still a very long way to go in recording and telling the story of the Cardijn movements down under.

Hopefully it may serve to inspire further interest among movement members and alumni, historians and particularly among young researchers to take up a systematic study of these movements and their accomplishments and contributions.

Stefan Gigacz
Compiler and editor
September 2020

Fr Kevin Toomey accompanies Cardijn as he arrives at the Melbourne Olympic Pool in 1958. (Ellen Mills 2nd from right, Brian Burke behind Cardijn, Fr Frank Lombard behind Toomey.