Online articles and theses

A list of articles, theses, pamphlets etc relating to the history of the YCW and YCS in Australia that are available online.

Baker, Catherine, 50 years of YCS in Australia, Australian YCS, 1992.

Carey, Robert, Freedom in the Catholic Press: a case study of the Melbourne Advocate in the 1960s. Ph.D. Thesis, Monash University, 2019.
Gigacz, Stefan, The Leaven in the Council: Joseph Cardijn and the Jocist Network at Vatican II. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Divinity, 2018.

Gigacz, Stefan, Cardijn’s vision of lay apostolate and its significance for youth ministry today. In: Australian Catholic Youth Ministry, Theological and pastoral foundations for faithful ministry. Garratt Publishing, Melbourne, 2014, pp. 261-288. ISBN 9781925009514.

Laffin, Josephine, Matthew Beovich: Archbishop of Adelaide, Ph.D. thesis, University of Adelaide, 2006.

Mathews, Race, Manning’s Children: Responses to Rerum Novarum in Victoria 1891 to 1966, Ph.D. thesis, University of Divinity, 2014.

Noonan, Sr Mary, Cardijn’s spirit lives on

Noone, Val, A New Youth for a New Australia: Young Christian Workers around 1960

Praetz, Helen, The Church in Springtime, Remembering Catholic Action 1940-1965

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